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The Great Wave KAL in Studio Linen yarn - third instalment

The Great Wave KAL in Studio Linen yarn - third instalment
By Teresa Conway 7 years ago

We've reached the last leg of our ocean voyage and your completed Great Wave shawls are on the horizon. Download Part 3 here now.

The Erika Knight Studio Linen yarn pack is still available to purchase here. The Part 1 and Part 2 patterns are still available to download too.

For this KAL you will need Erika Knight Studio Linen (85% recycled rayon, 15% linen). 

Buy the yarn here >

2 x 50g (120m) hanks of Erika Knight Studio Linen (85% recycled rayon linen, 15% linen) in Neo (404) and 1 hank in Bone (401). You will need one pair of 4.5mm knitting needles and a cable needle.

The Great Wave is really reaching its final crescendo and we can see the steady build up that has happened over the past couple of weeks.

Andrea made excellent progress with the first and second instalment, which began as a simple garter stitch with increases.

Great Wave Andrea 1

This grew over week two into a crossed stitch effect pattern with the contrast Bone shade, reminding us of when the white tips of the wave begin to form.

Great Wave Andrea

We can see huge similarities here with the Katsushika Hokusai painting that inspired the project.

Great Wave Linda

Kat Goldin tells us all about this week's instalment.

'Old shale is a Shetland lace knitting pattern that emulates the roll of the sea. It is worked over 18 stitches with decreases and increases stacked on top of each other to create the ripple effect,' she says.

'I frequently use this sort of a rolling ripple in both my crochet and knitting designs, as I just love the way it captures movement and in The Great Wave Shawl, it’s striped in the first repeat, building to the Stone final repeat like the big crescendo of a wave.'

This is a very traditional lace pattern that is worked while doing your usual increases at the first stitch on the neck edge (right side rows). This is done by knitting into the front and back of the same stitch and also working a knit, yarn forward, knit into the same stitch, depending on what row you are on in the pattern.

Great Wave Increase

When working the lace pattern, Kat recommends that you place a marker before you start. This helps you to easily identify where you will be doing your k2togs (knit two together) and yarn forwards on wrong sides.

Great wave place marker

The way the maths in this pattern works is that your k2tog will decrease the stitch count by one. The pattern states that you work three sets of k2tog at each edge and three sets for the central portion.

These decreases are counteracted when you do your knit stitches, bringing the yarn forward between stitches. Which makes one stitch.

Great Wave bring yarn to front

There are three rows of knit worked between the rippling lace rows. You will follow the pattern to work these ripples in stripes of Neo and Bone until you have 168 stitches. Then you knit two rows and cast off.

Great Wave ripple effect

We hope you enjoy the final instalment!

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