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September 2016

Timeless Aran knitting patterns

By Beth Shearing 6 years ago
Whether you're keen to knit a warm winter sweater or would prefer to craft a shawl for a little one, we share our favourite Aran knitting patterns

How to crochet

By Freddie Patmore 6 years ago
Learn to crochet with our guides to stitches and techniques and master how to crochet with our how to videos

How to crochet crocodile stitch for feathers, scales or petals

By Beverley Watts 6 years ago
With crocodile stitch, the trick is in how you position each of your decorative layers. Crochet expert Freddie Patmore teaches you how to do it

Knit a hat: Best knitting patterns for hats

By Beth Shearing 6 years ago
Let our round-up of the best hat knitting patterns from women and children inspire you to knit something new