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We're Changing Our Packaging

By Amy 1 years ago

Starting this week, we’re switching some of our packaging to 100% recycled and recyclable plastic mailing bags. As well as producing less carbon emissions, waste, and harmful by-products than paper production, our new mailers offer better protection against the elements and the rigours of the postal system.

In the last few years, recycling of soft plastics has become much more widespread, with recycling points at most supermarkets along with kerbside collections in some areas. This means that our new bags – already made from 100% recycled plastic - can easily be recycled again, making them a sustainable choice.

You can find your nearest recycling centre here.

Of course, the best bag you can use is one you already have, so we’re encouraging reuse by adding double tear off strips so that they can resealed and used again. Perfect for returns or for sending on that knitted or crocheted gift!

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