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October 2019

The Boho Blanket

By Amy Sosbe 3 years ago

The exciting range of go-to DK yarn was launched back in August and has been flying out of the door! go-to DK is a brand-new yarn range stocked exclusively here at The Knitting Network. It’s a great value, premium acrylic yarn that’s perfect for all projects. Made in Britain with a recycled paper ball band, and available at the low price of just £1.69 for a 100g ball, it’s set to become a staple for every yarn stash.

To celebrate this lovely new yarn and all the gorgeous shades available, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite crafters and bloggers to create some beautiful new patterns for you!

So far we've revealed the beautiful Late Summer Sunsets Blanket by Eleonora Tully and The Jellydrops Blanket by Shah at Yarnbae

Eleonora has created the loveliest blanket inspired by the sea and Shah has designed a bright and fun blanket in rainbow pastels. You can buy the colour packs for each here:

The Late Summer Sunsets Blanket colour pack >>

The Jellydrops Blanket by Shah at Yarnbae >>

You can also read all about the inspiration behind the blankets over on our blog.

The third exciting go-to-inspired project we’re bringing you is the Boho Blanket, designed for us exclusively by Sue Rawlinson, the ever-talented crocheter and designed who brought us the beautiful Sweetpea Blanket, Easter Blanket and Vintage Blanket!

This contemporary new blanket uses a tactile and textured stitch, we love the simplicity of the crochet stitches and the blocks of muted colours. The shades work perfectly together and are a calming and chilled palette, reminding us of relaxed and effortless boho-style. The pom-pom edging adds a pop of fun and extra colour and we love it!

To find out a little bit more about Sue and what inspires her, you can read the little chat we had with her below.

Who taught you to crochet?

I started to crochet when I was young. My mum showed me the basics, she had also been taught by her mother. I didn't progress very far and then neglected crochet during my teenage years. I picked it up again about eight years ago when I became ill and had to give up working, it became my passion. Crochet has been a great companion and inspiration ever since.

Where do you start your creative process and get inspiration from?

I love playing with colour, and the different texture of yarns. I am inspired by the influences of nature and the seasons. During colder months when the nights draw in, I am usually thinking of blankets, snoods and scarves and experimenting with new pattern designs and colourways. I am also inspired by all the wonderful creatives I follow on Instagram, and I can easily lose an hour or more on Pinterest. I also love magazines and often get ideas whilst flicking through them and enjoying some quiet time with a coffee.

What are your favourite things to craft?

My favourite things to make are blankets and I’m always experimenting with different styles and stitches, this is the first time I’ve used griddle stitch and I’m so pleased with the texture it gives. It’s also a very straightforward stitch so great for beginners.

What did you like most about go-to DK yarn?

I was so excited to be able to try the new Go to DK it’s always such a privilege to be able to try different yarns. I love the packaging and the texture of the yarn. It’s lovely to crochet with, has a great yardage and worked perfectly for my new blanket pattern. At the moment the yarn comes in 20 shades I’m sure you will find the perfect one for your project.

We love Sue’s blanket and we look forward to revealing more exciting projects with go-to DK soon!

You can buy the Boho Blanket colour pack for only £13.99 and if you’d like to buy go-to DK separately, you can find all the different shades here.

The Log Cabin Blanket

By Amy Sosbe 3 years ago

The Log Cabin Blanket is a new and exciting blanket designed by Eleri Schofield, from her blog and Instagram account ‘My Crochet Place’. She makes lots of wonderful crochet things and we love her use of bright and bold colours.

Find the Log Cabin Blanket Colour Pack here for only £15.99!

Eleri has lovingly designed this beautiful blanket using Stylecraft Special DK with autumn and winter in mind. When we think of log cabins, we think of the seasons of autumn and winter, we think of an escape from the hustle and bustle, surrounding woods with the reds, oranges and yellows of the changing colours of leaves, crackling firepits for toasting marshmallows, roaring fires indoors and blues and purples of a crisp and frosty morning seen through the window. The colours of the Log Cabin blanket epitomize this cosy getaway and these chilly months.

The transition of the seasons to cooler days and the winding down of the year make it a good time to unwind ourselves, whether it be time away in a log cabin surrounded by nature and peace, or just a few moments in a quiet corner with a view outside. It’s a time to sit back, cosy up with a blanket and something warm to drink and take in the world as it prepares for the winter.

The textural chevron pattern repeat of this lovely blanket adds to the cosiness and it makes for a great project for beginners. The repeating pattern also means it’s a meditative and relaxing make for more experienced crocheters. The completed blanket measures approximately 86cm x 157cm/34 x 62in, plenty to snuggle up in! The pattern uses Stylecraft Special DK which is 100% acrylic, beautifully soft and washes well and easily in the machine.

To learn a little bit about Eleri and her inspirations we had a little chat, which you can read below:

When did you start to crochet?

I started crocheting after the birth of my youngest son in 2015. I was struggling with PND and found that crocheting helped me to relax and practice some mindfulness.

What are your biggest inspirations?

I’m inspired by geometric patterns and love designing chevron blankets. I like to play about with traditional designs and stitches and giving them a modern twist, I especially like incorporating solid stitches, open/lace work and bobbles into my designs to create texture and interest.

How do you decide on your colour palettes?

The colours I choose for a project is often inspired by the seasons, however I always try and sneak a bit of mustard or gold into a colour scheme if I can! I chose the colour palette for the log cabin blanket when we were driving back home from Turkey at the end of August. It had been a lovely hot summer but I was longing for cooler weather and dreaming of a cosy autumn. I tend to gravitate towards bright earthy toned colours and like to experiment with rainbow colour schemes (which are my favourite to play about with).

What is your favourite thing about Autumn and Winter?

Autumn and Winter for me is about being cosy. There’s nothing I like more than at the end of the day than locking the door, closing the curtains, and cosying up under a blanket that I’m working on.

We hope you love the blanket as much as we do! You can get the Log Cabin Blanket Colour Pack for only £15.99!

Autumn Garden Blanket

By Amy Sosbe 3 years ago

Our brand new Autumn Garden Blanket is a beautiful knitting project, with a colourway chosen to celebrate the Autumn in all its colourful glory!

At this time of the year our gardens and the surrounding countryside explode into a riot of colour; a last celebration of the year’s warmth and long days. The trees are turning beautiful tones of yellows and reds and all the subtle shades in between, bushes are adorned with glistening berries and plump rose hips.

Our gardens are also filled with lots of lovely things - the last flurry of flamboyant dahlias, delicate cosmos swaying in the autumn wind, roses in their many shapes and sizes and the fading colours of hydrangeas. Our Autumn Garden Blanket gathers together all of these glorious shades, reflecting this wonderful time of the year.

There are 4 different knitted stitches used in the pattern, creating a gorgeous texture and making this a really fun and interesting project. The colour palette combined with the pretty array of stitches and soft yarn, creates a snug and cosy knitted blanket, perfect for the chiller days ahead.

The Autumn Garden Blanket Colour Pack contains the 9 balls of Stylecraft Special DK yarn you need to complete the blanket, a printed copy of the pattern designed by Nicola Valiji and an ‘I Love Knitting’ sticker. The finished blanket measures approximately 90 x 128cm/35.5 x 50in and can be machine washed at 40 degrees, making it brilliantly practical.

You can buy the Autumn Garden Blanket Colour Pack here for only £17.99 >>

The Lamb Tea Cosy Kit

By Amy Sosbe 3 years ago

Our latest project box is something a little bit special. Not only will this lamb tea cosy look lovely and keep your tea at the perfect temperature, but it also has a big story to tell...

Using a Woman’s Weekly pattern, we’ve re-knitted this sweet lamb tea cosy using Pure Natural Wool sourced from Edfords Care Farm in Norfolk. A wonderful initiative, Edfords Care Farm is situated on a 80-acre site in picturesque Norfolk, where they keep goats, pigs, chickens, and of course sheep! The farm provides green space therapy to support vulnerable adults and youngsters living in various forms of care. They also work with school groups across the region and have a large vegetable garden with 28 beds and a poly tunnel.

Edfords has been designed to cater for a number of different levels of abilities, from working in their petting area with the rabbits and guinea pigs, through to full farm maintenance. The farm gives everyone an opportunity to be themselves in a peaceful and rewarding setting, whilst getting involved in a variety of new activities. It's a wonderful cause that we wanted to support here at The Knitting Network, and so we purchased the farm's first batch of Pure Natural Wool from their British sheep.

The fleece from Edfords' flock of Jacob sheep was spun at the Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall. Each kit also contains a ball of Merino Blend DK wool in White. Due to the natural dark brown and white colour of the fleece, Jacob wool creates beautiful undyed yarns. Thought to be one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world, Jacobs were extremely rare during the first part of the last century, but thankfully the efforts of a small number of enthusiastic breeders has meant they survived and their numbers are growing. Jacobs are one of the rare polycerate (meaning "many-horned") sheep breeds and most commonly have 4 horns, but can have up to six!

We’ve coincided the release of our Lamb Tea Cosy Project Box with the Campaign for Wool’s ‘Wool Week’. This is a global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, to raise awareness about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by wool. Since its launch in 2010, The Campaign for Wool has influenced a new demand for wool on an international scale, and its efforts have seen an outstanding increase in the price farmers receive for their wool.

Once the Jacob’s were sheared at Edfords Care Farm, their fleeces were then passed to The Natural Fibre Company to spin into familiar balls of yarn. Their mill in Launceston on the Cornwall-Devon border is the smallest large spinning mill (or the largest small spinning mill!) in the world! They have also been supporters of the Campaign for Wool since the campaign started.

Sorting fleece for processing at The Natural Fibre Company mill

Their specialist woollen mill is the only mill in the country that spins both wool and worsted yarns under the same roof.

Carding clean fleece at The Natural Fibre Company mill

We love the finished spun yarn from Edfords' Jacob sheep; the undyed fibres really help to remind you of where the yarn has come from, the incredible process that happens to get it from sheep to a ball of yarn and the people that have been supported and helped along the way to turn the humble fleece into something ready to made into an endless possibility of things.

You can buy the Lamb Tea Cosy Kit using Edfords Care Farm Pure Natural Wool for only £9.99.