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Eleonora Tully's Seaside Blanket

By Amy 2 days ago

We’ve just launched a brand-new blanket designed by Eleonora Tully, who is best known for her beautiful coastal-inspired designs including the Late Summer Sunsets Blanket and Changing Tides Blanket. Eleonora lives by the sea on the south-east coast of England and is naturally inspired by the beautiful landscapes and seascapes surrounding her home.

The new Seaside Blanket Colour Pack features the pattern originally from the ‘Seaside Stash Busting’ blanket crochet along (CAL). Each pack includes the printed pattern and a selection of Stylecraft yarn in a colour palette of beautiful blues, greens and sandy tones to reflect the seaside inspiration behind this eclectic and fun design.

We love the different crochet stitches that Eleonora has used, which seems to be a theme that runs through all her gorgeous designs. They make for such fun and engaging projects, with new stitches to learn and create a stunning textured finished project.

Along with the main inspiration of the sea, the idea behind this particular blanket was born out of a simple question posed on social media for people to share their ‘craft stash’. Here’s the wonderful photograph Eleonora shared... we have slight stash envy!

This idea got Eleonora thinking. With so much yarn and so little time she wanted to create a blanket she could make slowly, crocheting just a few rows at a time. The different stitches that make up this pattern make it perfect for picking up when you have a spare few minutes.

Eleonora has put together the lovely Seaside Blanket colour palette with her most favourite colours. Each pack includes the pattern and all the yarn you need. She has chosen the ever-so-soft Stylecraft Special DK yarn, which is perfect for blankets, as well as the Stylecraft Eskimo yarn, to create the textural and fluffy border.

Buy your Seaside Blanket Colour Pack here for only £24.99 >

Tranquil Waters Blanket

By Amy 14 days ago

We’re delighted to introduce to you a brand new design by Sue Rawlinson - the Tranquil Waters Blanket. Maker of all things beautiful including the much-loved Sweetpea Blanket and Easter Blanket, Sue has created this dreamy design using Cygnet Pure Wool Superwash DK; a machine washable 100% pure wool with an exquisite handle.

The Tranquil Waters Blanket has been created by Sue using an array of harmonious and gentle shades, reflecting the colours of calm and tranquil waters. The tones of blue and green inspire thoughts of rippled oceans and the pinks and purples of a peaceful sky mirrored in a still body of water.

The blankets stunning textures include a delicate scalloped edge and the pretty wave crochet stitch that makes up the main part of the design. These textures, along with the gradual blended hues of the crochet border, remind us of flowing streams and rivers.

We absolutely love the Tranquil Waters Blanket and the added pompoms around the edge are always a fun and colourful addition to a project!

Just as enticing is the Cygnet Pure Wool Superwash DK yarn used to make this beautiful design. The yarn is 100% Pure New Wool so is lovely and luxurious, with the added bonus of being machine washable at 40 degrees!

The Tranquil Waters Blanket pack contains all 19 balls of the Cygnet Pure Wool Superwash DK required, plus a printed copy of the pattern. The finished blanket measures a generous 76 x 135cm/ 30 x 53in.

Buy your blanket pack here for only £38.99 >>

New Stylecraft Sunstar CAL

By Amy Sosbe 23 days ago

There’s a new and exciting Crochet Along (CAL) being released by Stylecraft next week and we’re delighted to share the details with you!

The CAL will be released in 7 parts over 3 months, starting on the 3rd September. The patterns will be available to download for free from the Stylecraft website, at www.stylecraft-yarns.co.uk. The gorgeous Sunstar Blanket pattern has been designed by Jo Smith and is available in three beautiful and distinctive colourways - My Sun and Stars, My Vintage and My Country Garden.

Jo Smith explains how the design ‘‘…started with a sun in the sky, the triangles were added as an experiment and I liked them so then it just needed to be softened by adding circles which looked to me like planets. Therefore it became a sun in the middle with planets around. My imagination saw the sun in the night sky.”

The first and original colourway design by Jo Smith is My Sun and Stars. It includes rich jewel shades of pinks, purples and blues and is knitted using Stylecraft Batik DK and Stylecraft Life DK. This colourway reflects the design quite literally, with the yellows and reds for the sun, surrounded by a light blue sky and then again by a darker and deeper sky, suggesting space. The darker blue is then repeated around the edge of the blanket, with purple, blue, red and yellow ‘planets’ set into it.

The colours for My Vintage were also chosen by Jo Smith and were inspired this time by vintage rugs and tiles reminiscent of Eastern designs, their colours washed and faded over time. The colour palette is a mix of subtle yellows and greens combined with rich tones of red and deep purples. This colourway is knitted in Stylecraft Batik DK, Stylecraft Batik Elements and Stylecraft Life DK.

The My Country Garden colourway has been chosen by blogger Heather from The Patchwork Heart and is a pretty palette of blue and purple tones, using the Stylecraft Special DK range. Heather explains how the palette was inspired by her dream of living in a cottage and growing her own flowers to fill her home with. She explains how “…Picking shades for a colour recipe which evoked this dream, gave me weeks of pleasure, as I hooked these pretty shades together. It is my hope that you too will have a wonderful adventure as you work with the Country Garden colour recipe.”

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My Sun and Stars

My Vintage

My Country Garden

To join in with the CAL simply pick up your colour pack in your favourite colourway and download the free patterns from the Stylecraft website www.stylecraft-yarns.co.uk, starting from the 3rd September. You can also share your progress on our Facebook page Crochet Along with The Knitting Network, as well as on the Official Stylecraft Yarns CAL group, where you can also keep up to date with all the news about the CAL.

Happy hooking!

Afternoon Tea Blanket KAL Part 5

By Amy Sosbe 1 month ago

Welcome to the final instalment of our wonderful Afternoon Tea Blanket Knit Along (KAL). With only 1 more piece left of the Knit Along puzzle, we’re so excited to share the last part with you!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been sharing their progress with us! It’s been wonderful seeing everyone’s work. Here's a round up of last week's motif:

For the final part of our KAL we’re introducing the ever-so-pretty Rose Motif. The beautiful rose is often the star of the garden, with its delicate petals, stunning hues and unforgettable scent. Our Rose Motif is just as stunning as the real thing and is knitted in pretty pink and green tones on a background of subtle cream.

We definitely think we’ve saved the best until last! Although the rose motif is a slightly more challenging use of colourwork, it is most definitely worth the extra effort and with all your experience from the previous 4 weeks, we think you’re ready for the challenge!

This week you will need Cream (1005), Blush (1833), Pomegranate (1083), Cypress (1824) and Lincoln (1834). You will also need 1 pair of 3¾mm (No. 9) knitting needles and a knitter’s needle for sewing up.

Download the PDF for Part 5 here>>

To create the beautiful rose you will be working from a colour chart, reading the chart from right to left for the right-side rows (knit rows) and from left to right for the wrong-side rows (purl rows).

You will need to follow the instructions and use the intarsia method, using small balls of colour for each flower. If using the fairisle technique, whereby you strand yarn across the whole square, you would need to complete a tension square and increase the size of needles used.

To make things a little easier to follow, like previous weeks, we've photographed the back and the front of the rose motif.

Making up

As well as the instructions on the pattern, you can also refer to the layout image below for making up your blanket (this is also on the PDF pattern). If you fancy being creative you can have a play around with the layout. Simply print out the image below, cut around the motifs and arrange them in the way you’d like.


To do the border on your blanket you will be using double crochet stitches (this is the UK terminology, in the US double crochet is referred to as single crochet) and working all the way around the edge of the blanket. The full instructions are written in the PDF pattern, but to make things easier we've given you a link below to a really helpful video that shows you how to add a double crochet border to knitted work.



We asked you to save the blocking of all your knitting until now. Once you have decided on your layout, stitched your motifs together and completed the border you can then use the wet block method to block out your finished blanket.

And there you have it, the final part! once your blanket is finished, it's ready to be enjoyed even more!

If you’re new to the KAL it’s not too late! You can still get the handy colour pack for the Afternoon Tea Blanket for only £15.99. You can read the introduction to the KAL and read more about the previous 4 weeks, as well as download the previous 4 parts by clicking the links below:

Pre-launch >>

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Part 4 >>

Remember, we still have our lovely Facebook group ‘Knit Along with The Knitting Network’, which you can join to share your progress and help each other along with the KAL. Do also remember to use hashtag #afternoonteablanketkal so we can see all your lovely photos.

Happy knitting everyone!