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Halloween Pattern Round-Up!

By Amy 5 days ago

We’ve gathered some of our spookiest patterns to get you in the Halloween spirit, with fangtastic patterns for you to sink your teeth into! Including some ghoulishly good decorations for the home, spook-tacular accessories and frightfully fun dress-up costumes that will make your Halloween simply fa-boo-lous!

Whether you’ll be out trick or treating with little ones, hosting your own party at home, or celebrating in your own way, we have everything you need to make this the most terrifyingly brilliant Halloween yet!

These Halloween Monsters in King Cole Tinsel Chunky are perfect for bringing some spookiness indoors. Try hanging up the spiders and ghosts using different lengths of yarn and dotting the little monsters around where they’re least expected to make your guests jump! BOO!

Halloween Monsters in King Cole Tinsel Chunky and Dollymix DK

Be the best Halloween host and wow your guests with these feverishly fun Halloween cushions! Also made in King Cole Tinsel Chunky, there are lots of shades to choose from so you can play around with different colour combinations.

Halloween Cushions in King Cole Tinsel Chunky

We love this little witch doll and sweet pumpkin! Great if you want to get into the Halloween spirit without being too scary! For those trick or treating, the pattern also includes a cauldron for keeping all of those devilishly delicious trick or treat goodies!

Halloween Characters in King Cole Tinsel Chunky

This gourd-geous knitted pumpkin hat can be knitted in sizes from 2 to 6 years and is ideal for keeping little ones cosy if they’re out trick or treating! We recommend using Emu Classic DK yarn for this pattern as it’s 100% acrylic and beautifully soft. You can also buy this as a kit, including the yarn and pattern here >>

 Pumpkin Hat Knitting Pattern

If you prefer sweet to spooky then this pattern is purrfect! This vintage cat hat knitting pattern is both practical and super cute! Why not get creative and knit a make-shift tail using the same yarn? Knit a simple rectangle, sew along the length, stuff with some toy filling and rouche up each end. You could even embellish a simple mitten and bootie pattern with some embroidered pink paw prints for the full cat look!

Cat Hat Vintage Knitting Pattern

For all of those dinosaur fans, this ever-popular dinosaur jacket pattern by Stylecraft is an excellent costume choice! Some may say it’s roaringly good!

Jackets in Stylecraft Bambino DK

Getting back into the spookiness, this knitted skeleton jumper is just the ticket! Finish off with some black trousers and black gloves to complete the effect and you’ll be in for a frightfully fun night!

Halloween Sweater Knitting Pattern

For the complete pumpkin ensemble, this fun knitted jumper goes smashingly with the knitted pumpkin hat! We currently have this available as a kit which you can find here >> and if you wanted the complete pumpkin set you can buy the kit for both the hat and jumper here >>

Pumpkin Jumper Knitting Pattern

For something a bit different, we love this knitted robot jumper! You could even complete the costume with a homemade robot head, hands and feet! Why not re-purpose some of our handy packaging boxes? Cut to the right sizes and painted, this could be a fun project to make and for your little ones to wear!

Robot Jumper Knitting Pattern

Is it a witch, is it a ghost, is it a ghoul? This ladies cape can be knitted in black, red, white, orange or even green for a versatile Halloween outfit addition!

 Shoulder Capelet Knitting Pattern

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween round-up and hope you all have a spectacularly spooky Halloween! For even more Halloween inspiration, why not have a look through our NEW Halloween Collection >>

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We’re Celebrating! 25,000 Trustpilot Reviews!

By Charlotte 8 days ago

Thank you! We’re delighted to be celebrating 25,000 reviews on Trustpilot, whilst maintaining our 5-star 'excellent' rating, making us proud to be the UK's favourite yarn shop!*

This is a wonderful milestone for all of us at The Knitting Network and we wanted to let you know just how much we appreciate the time you have spent sending us your amazing comments!

Hearing your feedback is so important to us as we pride ourselves on delivering first-class service to our customers across our entire business, whether that be in our warehouse, where we pick and pack your order using our eco-friendly packaging, through to answering your questions and queries on the telephone or online. Your feedback helps to shape our business and we always strive to improve our product offering and service, to make it better for you.

We don’t wish to boast, but we couldn’t celebrate this milestone without sharing some of our favourite reviews, that have made us smile and left us feeling a sense of accomplishment. Have a read:

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Charity of the Month - The Wildlife Trusts

By Charlotte 15 days ago

We’re delighted to be supporting The Wildlife Trusts as our charity of the month throughout October! During the month, you can round up your orders to the nearest £ at the checkout and all money raised will be donated to The Wildlife Trusts, a registered charity no. 207238.

We’ll also be matching donations so whatever you donate, we’ll donate the same amount, therefore doubling the total amount raised for the charity.

The Wildlife Trusts believe people are part of nature; everything we value ultimately comes from it and everything we do has an impact on it.

Wherever you are, Wildlife Trusts people, places and projects are never far away, improving life for wildlife and people.

We believe that by working together, we can change the natural world for the better; everyone has a part to play.

To find out more about the vital work that The Wildlife Trusts does please visit their here.

Helping Hedgehogs This Autumn:

Autumn is an important time for Hedgehogs as they get ready for hibernation. This means surviving for many months without food or water while living off their own fat reserves that they build up in Autumn. As the season progresses, many people ask how we can help hedgehogs to build up their reserves ready for the winter months. Not only this, but hedgehogs also need a home to settle down into for the winter.

“Hedgehogs are found across the UK, absent only from some Scottish islands. Gardens, hedgerows, woodlands, grasslands, parks and cemeteries are all important hedgehog habitats. Adult hedgehogs travel between 1-2km per night over home ranges as big as 10-20 hectares in size. In suburban areas, this means they range over entire housing estates and neighbourhoods.”

“To save the hedgehog we need people to work together with neighbours to make small changes that will make a big difference. This is crucial because no garden or green space can help hedgehogs in isolation, but when they are linked together hedgehogs can thrive in any location.”

How can you help?

Help hedgehogs to get around by making holes and access points in fences and barriers to link up the gardens in your neighbourhood. Find out more here.

By providing safe places for hedgehogs to live, you’re much more likely to see these prickly creatures in your garden. Find information on how to build a hedgehog home here.

You can download a booklet which provides all the vital information about helping hedgehogs this Autumn here.

FREE PDF Hedgehog Patterns:

Throughout September we’re also offering our hedgehog knitting and crochet patterns as FREE to download as a PDF - Print at home pattern to raise awareness of this endangered species.

DK Hedgehog Toy Knitting Pattern

Hedgehog Toy Crochet Pattern

Last Month’s Charity: Throughout September we helped to support Young Lives Vs Cancer and raised over an incredible £1,935 thanks to your checkout donations and our matched donations. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

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Charity of the Month - Young Lives Vs Cancer

By Vanessa 2 months ago

We’re delighted to be supporting Young Lives Vs Cancer as our charity of the month throughout September!

During the month, you can round up your orders to the nearest £1 at the checkout and all money raised will be donated to Young Lives Vs Cancer, a registered charity in England and Wales (1107328) and in Scotland (SC039857).

We’ll again be matching all donations so whatever you donate, we’ll donate the same, doubling the total amount raised for the charity.

About Young Lives Vs Cancer:

When a child is diagnosed with cancer life becomes full of fear, for them and their family. Fear of treatment, but also of families being torn apart, overwhelming money worries, of having nowhere to turn, no one to talk to.

Young Lives vs Cancer are there to help families find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them.

Young Lives vs Cancer support those from birth, up until the age of 25, and ensure they and their families, will get the support and help they need during their cancer treatment and beyond.

The charity also supports the 10 families a week who have to face the unthinkable, the death of a child. They are there to help them prepare and come to terms with their loss, at a pace that feels right for them, and encourage them to think about how their child can be remembered.

Young Lives vs Cancer receives no government funding, so their tailored and specialised support relies entirely on generous donations from the public.

To find out more about the vital work that Young Lives Vs Cancer does please visit their website here.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month:

Throughout September, for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Young Lives vs Cancer, will be helping children with cancer have their voices heard…they may be little, but they have BIG voices!

Having cancer when you’re a child is scary, lonely, relentless and painful. Over the past year our children have missed out on so much. But for many children with cancer they are still swapping classrooms for chemotherapy, still waving at family members through windows and watching friends blow out birthday candles via phone screens.

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we want everyone to see children with cancer for who they are and who they want to be. Because they are more than their cancer.

In the UK, children with cancer face an average 60-mile round trip to hospital to get life-saving treatment, with many travelling further. This isn’t by choice. Many young cancer patients have to travel to specialist cancer centres to get the care they need – they can’t just go to their local hospital. This means that families often have to stay away from home for long periods of time, or undertake regular long distance travel.

Any support you can give would be greatly received, ensuring young cancer patients and their families don’t have to face it alone.

Last Month’s Charity:

Throughout August we helped to support Renew Counselling and raised over an incredible £1,141 thanks to your checkout donations and our matched donations. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!
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