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How to Use Elements Duo Yarn

By Amy 2 years ago

Are you ready to try the latest innovation of yarn with Elements Duo? Wound around itself in a ring shape, this latest addition from the team behind some of our bestselling launches, makes projects easy to start and prevents those pesky tangles and knots.

To use, simply find the connecting tag where the two ends meet (pictured below), give it a snip, gently pull it out and you’re ready to begin your next knit or crochet project!

From here, the yarn flows effortlessly as it unwinds from the outside in, without clumping together in a tangle. It really is that simple!

Not only does it look great with two contrasting colours, the generous helping of 140g of super soft, premium acrylic Aran is also fully machine washable.

Choose whether to work with the whole piece and let it change colour when it reaches the new shade, or to switch shades whenever you like by swapping which end you work from! No more time spent managing balls to get great colour results. Stock is limited so get yours today, before it's too late!

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