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Nativity KAL - second instalment - Joseph

Nativity KAL - second instalment - Joseph
By Teresa Conway 1 years ago

The second stage of our Nativity KAL is here and this time it's Joseph! The yarn pack is still available to purchase here, so don't worry if you missed out!

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For £31.99 you'll get 33 skeins, all the yarn you'll need for the Nativity scene.

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Keep scrolling for our How-To guide for knitting up and putting together Joseph.

With beard shade, cast on 9 sts for base.

To cast on, wrap yarn around thumb.

image 1

Insert knitting needle under the first strand and between your thumb and fore finger.

image 2

Wrap working yarn (yarn attached to the skein) around the needle towards you and between your thumb and fore finger.

image 3

Insert needle through loop around thumb and drop yarn from thumb, leaving a loop on needle.

image 4

You'll then have 1 stitch (st) on needle.


Continue in this way making 9 sts in total. 

Purl (p) 1 row.

To purl, insert needle downwards through front of st.

image 1

Wrap yarn around right hand needle anti-clockwise, through the needles.

image 2

Insert right hand needle back through the stitch on left hand needle.

image 3

Take st off left hand needle, creating new st on right hand needle.

image 4

Repeat the rest of the row.

First increase (inc) row: Knit (k) 1 [up1, k1] to end. 

To k: Insert right hand needle into front of st.

image 6 

Wrap yarn around right hand needle anti-clockwise, and through needles.

image 8

Insert right hand needle down through st on left hand needle, creating new st on right hand needle. 

image 7

Take st off left needle.

image 9

To up1: find the loop lying between needles. 

image 10

Put loop onto left hand needle and insert right hand needle into the back of the st. 

image 11

K the st. 

image 12

Take loop off the left hand needle, creating a new st. 

Repeat for row, referring to pattern. 

Continue referring to the pattern.

Joseph's robe is made up of stripes of three shades of grey. 

When changing to a different coloured yarn on, insert needle as if to knit.

image 13

Using the new colour, in this case it's the second robe shade -mid-grey, knit the stitch. 

Continue to knit the row with mid grey, twisting the old and new yarns together to secure. 

To do this, when you go to knit the stitch with the new colour, twist the yarns together so that the old yarn is caught under the new yarn. 

image 15

Do this for the first couple of sts to secure and continue to k row. 

image 16

When changing to the next shade - grey, use the same technique. 

image 17

Remember to keep the yarns attached as you will be working stripes. Save yourself weaving in ends!

image 20

Continue referring the pattern.

First decrease (dec) row: K1, knit two sts together (k2tog), then k6 sts, repeat the k2tog, k6 to end. 

To k2tog, insert right hand needle through 2 sts on left needle.

image 21

K sts together.

image 22

Take sts off left needle, creating 1 st on right hand needle. 

image 23

Continue referring to the pattern. 

Cast off purl wise for neck. 

To do this, insert needle into st as if to purl.

Slip the st without working. 

image 24

P next st.

image 25

Pass slipped st over leaving 1 st on right hand needle. 

To do this, insert needle into the slipped st, and take over the needle.

image 26

Continue for the rest of the row, until 1 st remains, cut yarn, and thread through last st.

image 28

Head: With right side facing and using head shade, pick up and k15 sts along cast off edge of robe.

To pick up and k sts, insert the needle through first st before cast of edge, starting on right side edge.

image 29

Loop yarn around needle and pull through creating a loop on the needle.

image 31

Continue referring to the pattern. 

Cut yarn and thread through sts on needle. 

image 32

Gather sts and secure. 


Join row-ends of base and robe from cast on edge to 1cm after fold line.

image 34

For a seamless looking join, use blanket stitch.

To blanket stitch: with right side facing insert darning needle in and under the loop between st. Pull needle through and pull tight, repeat on the other side pulling the edges together creating a seamless look.

Stop seaming edges once reach 1 cm after fold line. 

image 35

 Gather cast-on edge, pull up tightly and fasten off.

image 36

Cut 6cm diameter circle of stout card, glue inside base and leave to dry.

image 37

Join remainder of seam, leaving an opening.

image 38

 Stuff head and body firmly and close opening.

image 39

Arms: 2nd inc row: P4, p twice in next st, p4.

To p twice in next st, p st but do not take st off needle.

image 40

Insert needle again into st from back, as if to purl, putting right hand needle in front of left hand needle, finish st.

image 41

Take both sts off needle.

Finish purl row and continue referring to pattern.

Hand: With wrong side facing and using attached robe shade, pick up and k11 sts along cast-off edge of arm.

image 43

Making sure sts are evenly spaced. 

image 46

Change to head shade.

Complete hand referring to pattern. Thread end through sts, pull up and secure.

image 48

Join row-ends edge from gathered end of hand to top of arm.

image 50

Do not stuff arms. 

image 51

Place top of arms at each side of body, just below neck and secure in position.

Continue referring to pattern. 

image 52

Headdress: Cast on 6 sts at beginning of next row for face edge. To cast on at beginning of row, insert needle between the first and second st.

image 53

Knit the st. Put st back on left hand needle.

image 55

You will have made a new st. 

Continue to cast on another 5 sts, creating 6 new sts in total.

Use the cable cast on method for this.

To do this work the same as before but inserting needle into the st rather than between the first and second sts, put st back on left hand needle without dropping from needle.

image 54

Continue referring to the pattern.

Once finished knitting the headdress, thread end through sts, pull up and secure.

image 57

Join row-ends from gathered end to cast on sts for face edge. 

image 58

Use blanket st for seamless look. See before for details.

image 55

For beard, make a st by bringing the yarn forward between the 2 sts. 

image 59

Continue referring to pattern. 

image 60

Mark the end of last row. 

image 61

Pull yarn through first st and break off. 

image 62

Slip remaining 2 sts onto a safety pin.

image 63

Position marked edge of beard in crescent shape along lower part of face. 

image 64

Back stitch through every stitch along marked edge. 

image 66

Remove safety pin and unravel all the way to cast on edge to create loops for beard. 

image 67

With head shade, work a few satin sts for nose. 

image 68

With beard shade, embroider eyes on face by working 2 satin stitches for each eye.

Thread loose ends through head out the other side to secure.

image 69

Catch down and secure lower edge of headdress. 

image 70

Cut hemp, and add to robe and headdress through there dec sts, referring to pattern. Tie at front for robe and at back for headdress. 

image 71

That's Joseph complete and ready to add to you Nativity scene!

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