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Mermaids and Unicorns to Knit and Crochet

By Amy Sosbe 2 years ago

Mermaids and Unicorns are two of the most popular magical and mythical creatures and we all know a mermaid or unicorn lover, or both!

Mermaids feature in folklore all around the world and have been a popular subject for art and literature alike. One of the most famous stories surrounding mermaids being Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy-tale "The Little Mermaid", written in 1836.

The legendary Unicorn has also featured in folklore all around the world, from as far back as the Ancient Greeks.

Our selection of patterns, from unicorn cushions to mermaid blankets are perfect for the lover of all things fantasy!

We love the beautiful detail and different stitches on this mermaid tail snuggler blanket. Knitted here in a fitting shade of sea green, there are lots of wonderful shades to choose from in Sirdar Snuggly DK yarn.

For the big kid in everyone,this is the perfect pattern! It can be knitted in either a teen or adult size and is one of the FREE designs from Cygnet! It uses Cygnet Chunky yarn so will be finished and ready for mermaid-y business in no time!

For those who prefer to crochet, this pattern uses the simple and effective shell-stitch. Together with a self-patterning yarn, it creates a lovely textured scale effect.

Carrying on our mermaid theme, we love these crochet shell cushions. Scattered on a bed or on the sofa, they add a magical finish to any mermaid's home.

Moving on to Unicorns and we start off with this super fun pattern by King Cole. Now anyone can be a unicorn with just a few simple embellishments. What little one wouldn't love this hooded top?

One of our most popular yarns all year round, King Cole Tinsel Chunky yarn gives this pattern plenty of sparkle. Choose from the mythical Pegasus or magical unicorn to knit and create a far away land.

This sweet unicorn pattern uses Stylecraft Wondersoft DK yarn. We love the jointed details the buttons give and you can knit either a small or large unicorn (or both!).

For a crochet alternative, try this horse and unicorn pattern by Sirdar.

MAke a bold statement and fill your home with unicorn colours with this crochet cushion by Rico. Just look at that rainbow mane!

This unicorn hat knitted in super chunky yarn, will not only keep you cosy, but will transform you into something magical. It's definitely one for the super unicorn fan!

Will you be making a mermaid or unicorn? We'd love to see! Share your projects with us on Facebook or instagram.

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