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How to knit The Great Wave KAL - first instalment

How to knit The Great Wave KAL - first instalment
By Teresa Conway 7 years ago

Ready to learn how to knit the first instalment of our exclusive KAL with Kat Goldin? Download Part 1 now.

Part 2 will drop on 9 August and the third and final pattern will be released on 16 August.

For this KAL you will need Erika Knight Studio Linen (85% recycled rayon, 15% linen). 

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2 x 50g (120m) hanks of Erika Knight Studio Linen (85% recycled rayon linen, 15% linen) in Neo (404) and 1 hank in Bone (401). You will need one pair of 4.5mm knitting needles and a cable needle.

Great Wave KAL colour pack

As you'll know, the vision behind this shawl is Katsushika Hokusai's painting The Great Wave, an image that many of you will be familiar with.

Kat expresses her love for the painting not only by using deep blue and breaking surf colours, but through the way the shape and textures evoke the sense of a cascading wash of water.

'This solid blue section is a simple garter stitch triangle. The increases are worked at the neck edge, creating its shape. I have always loved garter stitch. I love the way it doesn’t require a lot of thought and yet creates a squishy, draping fabric,' says Kat. 

'It doesn’t hurt that the stitches stack to create natural ripples, making it a perfect foundation for the shawl.

Kat is a talented photographer too and has kindly provided some how-to steps that will hopefully assist you with some of the stitches.

Kat has used a circular needle as the shawl itself will get quite wide as you go along. So it will save you transferring stitches later on by starting on a circular needle.

So Kat, take it a-wave.

Begin by casting on 2 stitches.

 Great Wave KAL cast on

Your first row is on the right side and is an increase row. This is done by knitting into your first stitch but not sliding the loop off your needle.

Great Wave KAL knit into first stitch

You then insert the tip of your right hand needle down, from right to left, into the back of the same stitch and knit it.

Great Wave KAL KFB insert the RHN into the back of the stitch just worked and knit it

This then slides off the needle and has increased the stitch count by one. By knitting the next stitch as normal you should now have three stitches.

Great Wave CAL KFB

You then continue to increase whilst working in garter stitch by knitting into the first stitch. Similar to before you do not complete the knit stitch but leave the loop on the needle.

 Great Wave KYK knit the stitch, but do leave the stitch you have just worked into on the LH needle

You then bring the yarn over your needle to the front of the work (yf) and knit into the same stitch again.

Great wave kyk yarn over rhn

Insert the needle back into the front of the stitch from left to right into the same stitch and knit again.

Great Wave KYK insert your needle back into the st just worked on the LH needle

Let the stitch come off the needle and you will have increased by one. When working back across the row you must remember to knit into the back of all the yf created to avoid holes in your work.

These photos show the increases you will be using over this first section. Follow the pattern and you will come to a 4 row repeat and then it's smooth sailing!

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