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Best crochet baby blanket, clothes and toy bundles

Best crochet baby blanket, clothes and toy bundles
By Beth Shearing 3 years ago

A crochet baby blanket makes a truly timeless gift.

Something that new parents will love wrapping up their tiny tot in, it'll be treasured for years to come and can even be passed on to other precious arrivals in the family.

And what's even better than a crochet baby blanket? A bundle that contains a cosy shawl plus patterns for toys or clothes too.

Great for taking along to a christening or a baby shower, we have a number of adorable sets for little ones available to snap up in our shop right now to suit a whole range of abilities.

If you're new to the art of crocheting, our Baby Teddy Bear And Blanket Crochet Patterns duo is the perfect place to start. Our instructions are very easy to follow and you'll be surprised to see how quickly you can turn a couple of balls of yarn into a very special present.

Baby Teddy Bear And Blanket Set Crochet Patterns

Or if you'd prefer to have a go at an old-fashioned style, you'll love this crochet baby blanket pattern that we stumbled across while scouring the Woman's Weekly archives.

First featured in an issue of the magazine from the 1970s, it's certainly still as cute today. We'd even go as far as saying that dinky Daisy the pooch will become one of the baby's favourite possessions.

Remember to leave your yarn ends long, stuff each piece as you go and use a scrap of contrast-colour yarn to make the cast-on edge when sewing up your knitted dog toy. It'll give it a professional finish.

For a make that will add an instant pop of colour to a nursery, put your skills to the test with our collection of Baby Teddy Bear, Blanket And Bag Crochet Patterns. The trendy tote is perfect for carting essentials like nappies and dummies about in.

Baby Teddy Bear, Blanket And Bag Crochet Patterns

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