About Us – The Knitting Network

Who are we?

The Knitting Network is a friendly, accessible and free community for anyone who loves knitting and crochet.  

The Knitting Network team has some of the UK's leading knitting and crochet experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends, designs and tricky techniques. Our expert’s advice means all of your knitting and crochet queries are sorted. 

We endeavour to provide something for everyone, from beginners who are just taking up a new hobby, to experienced knitting and crochet enthusiasts looking for new challenges. We aim to bring you the most exciting products at the best prices and quick delivery.   

Our patterns include everything from fantastic new fads to classic vintage patterns from our amazing archives, giving you a variety to choose from. We pride ourselves on our exclusive range of patterns that are designed and triple tested by our team of experts. Can’t wait to get started? You can download your patterns instantly.

Our Mission 
We want the inspiration that we provide to directly take you on a making journey, using our unique range of patterns and products.

Our Goal 
We know the best way to learn new things is to be taught by someone who has already done it, so sharing what we do and supporting each other is at the heart of our community.

Join Us
Join our community of yarnies on our Facebook page and show off your latest product, learn new skills and share your ideas with each other and us, too. We'd love to hear them. 

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