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Tips for finishing your Amigurumi animal crochet toys

Tips for finishing your Amigurumi animal crochet toys

Follow our handy tips and watch our step-by-step guide to make sure you get the best possible results from your Amigurumi animals kit.

1. A slip ring, which goes by many other names, such as ‘magic ring’, is a great technique for making toys. This is because the loop can be pulled tightly to close completely so that none of the stuffing will fall out.

You wrap the yarn around your left index finger, insert the hook into the ring, take yarn around hook and pull through, then work a chain stitch. Once you’ve worked the number of double crochet stitches stated into the loop you can pull the tail end to tighten.

Amigurumi animals tip

2. Begin to stuff your ball body four rows before the finish. This method is much easier than forcing the stuffing through the tiny gap at the end, which can distort the crochet fabric.

Push the stuffing as far down as possible to prevent catching it in your stitches – but don’t worry too much if this does happen because you can poke the stray bits of filling through using your hook once you’ve finished.

You can also add some more toy filling at the end for extra firmness if the ball body needs it – do this before you run the yarn through the final round and pull to tighten.

Amigurumi animals tip 2

3. Some of the smaller stuffed pieces, such as the frogs eyes, require you to run a strand through the last round and pull to close in order to create a ball shape.

However, some of the crocheted pieces are stitched in place without completely closing them off –the pig’s trotters, for example. Make sure you refer to the instructions on how to finish each piece before you attach 4them to the body.

Amigurumi animals tip

4. In order to create the fold in the bunny’s ears, fasten off leaving a long end (about 30cm), flatten the last round and using a blunt tipped needle, catch the stitches on either side together all the way along the edge.

Fold this edge in half and seal ends with one stitch. The same strand can be used to attach the ears to the top of the ball, using the pictures as a guide.

Amigurumi animals tip

5. The frog's toes are worked as three separate pieces before they are worked together to form one complete foot. Do not fasten off after you’ve worked the third toe - instead, place all three toes in a row and work double crochet into the stitches along the fastening-off edge of the toes to join them together.

The rest of the foot is worked in one piece using double crochet.

Amigurumi tip 5

6. All the animals' embroidered features are worked in your black yarn. Refer to the pictures as a guide for where to place the embroidery. The frog’s, rabbit’s and pig’s mouth is made with two large diagonal stitches placed in a V shape.

The dog’s nose is embroidered with straight stitches (about three) just above the tongue. Don’t fasten the stitches off until you are happy with the placement, just in case you need to adjust it.

Amigurumi animals tip

Watch our step-by-step video guide for tips on finishing your toy:

Tips for finishing your Stick Man and family crochet toys

Tips for finishing your Stick Man and family crochet toys

Our new Stick Man toy and family crochet patterns are just so sweet.

To help you complete your Stick Man, Stick Lady and their Stick Children Three we've put together some useful crochet tips.

Stick Man, Stick Lady and Stick Children Three are all made using the same techniques.

We've broken down the tricky bits for putting them together piece by piece, starting with Stick Man himself.

In our video guide, we're using a bright colour so you can see what we're up to, but make sure you use colours to match the pieces you're sewing.

1. Gather Row Ends (Legs)

Anchor your yarn to one of the corners and make a row of running stitches along the row end edge. Pull tight, and the row ends will gather up and tighten. Work a couple of stitches over one another to secure, if needed. Always use a blunt-ended needle to make sure there aren't any nasty snags or splits.

Stick Man tip

2. Joining Seams (Legs)

Oversewing or 'whip stitch' does not take one stitch from the row-end edge into the seam. For this reason, it's good to use for small pieces of double crochet fabric, where you do not want to lose any of the fabric to chunky seaming. Simply insert the needle into the bottom layer of fabric two loops of yarn from the edge, and bring up through both pieces. Repeat, moving up one stitch each time.

Stick Man tip

3. Pipe Cleaners

If you're making these for children, it's probably best to omit the pipe cleaners completely. But if you're going for a bendy, opposable Stick Man for display, it's a fun idea to add them. Cut each pipe cleaner to the correct length as specified in the instructions. It's best to use wire cutters to save blunting your scissors.

Stick Man tip

4. Binding Off Ends

If using pipe cleaners, each wire end will need to be secured to prevent them poking through your crocheted fabric. Fold the tips over and wrap a length of Chocolate around until the tip no longer feels sharp or pointy. Fasten off with a single knot, and trim.

Stick Man 4

5. Insert Head Top

After the body and head have been stuffed, place the head top in position over the circular opening. Anchor your yarn with a couple of stitches at the top of the head, body and legs piece and stitch in place using the over sewing technique. If the head top moves around while you're working, use a couple of glass-headed pins to hold in place.

Stick Man tip 5

6. Happy Families

Each member of the stick family are made using basic double crochet stitches, and these simple techniques. Save endless ends - leave long strands of yarn when finishing the leaves and face details, and use these to stitch the pieces in place. Thread any ends through the body as you fasten off.

Avoid funny faces by pinning all your pieces in place before you stitch them down.

Watch our video for all your Stick Man toy finishing touches...