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How to crochet: A treble puff stitch

How to crochet: A treble puff stitch
By Freddie Patmore 6 years ago

Treble puff stitch is something you will certainly come across when you are learning how to crochet. 

It's so clever because it's made up of loops at the top and bottom. The stitch also works an increase and a decrease in the same space.

Very pretty, treble puff gently rises up into an oval shape and can be used as the sole stitch on items such as scarves. Soft and squishy, it’s a technique beginners can master without difficulty.

Treble puff stitch is popular because it adds a wonderful texture to a fabric.

The Knitting Network's Freddie Patmore demonstrates how to master the treble puff - known as bobble stitch by some crocheters - in our helpful video guide below. 

To work a treble puff, start by getting one loop of yarn around your hook and insert the hook into the designated stitch. Bring another loop of yarn through to the front to make three loops on your hook.

Get another loop of yarn around your hook, going back down into the same stitch, and bring another loop of yarn through.

Repeat this process once more to pull the yarn around the hook, down into that same stitch and work a loop of yarn through to the front.

The hook should now have seven loops on it.

To finish off your treble puff, simply get another loop of yarn and bring it though each of the seven yarns that are on your hook.

This can be a little tricky as the loops are quite tight so you may need to do them one at a time or give your hook a little wiggle as you travel through.

Learn How To Crochet with our complete guide. 

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