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Sweetpea Blanket CAL Part Five

Sweetpea Blanket CAL Part Five
By Florence Roberts 4 years ago

The fifth and final instalment of our very special crochet along 'The Sweetpea Blanket CAL' is here. Designed by Sue Rawlinson of Sweetpea Family Crochet this delightful spring blanket is made up of simple crochet stitches and is suitable for beginners.

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Part five of this CAL is the border.

This completes the blanket and makes it look lovely and neat and ready to use!

When working the border, especially along the row-ends, work a section at a time and check your tension. If your work is pulling, add a few more trebles evenly spaced. If the work is wavy and loose, decrease the number of trebles along the sides evenly spaced. Unless stated otherwise, when changing colours, break off the current yarn. To avoid a daunting task, weave in yarn tails as you go along.

First round: With cream, work 3ch, then work 1tr in each st to next corner, work 3tr in corner st, 1tr in each dc row-end and 2tr in each tr row-end to next corner, then work 3tr in corner st. Repeat referring to the pattern. Finish with slip stitch in beginning of 3ch. 

image 1

Second round: Work 1ch, then work 1dc in each st to the corner. Work 3dc in corner. Continue the round referring to the pattern. Work slip stitch in beginning of 1ch to complete the round.

image 3

Third round: Change to dark green, join to st to left of top right corner st. Work as second round.

image 2

Fourth round: Change to lemon, join to st to left of top right corner st. Work as second round. 

image 4

Fifth round: Join light blue and work as second round.

image 5

Sixth round: Join light pink and work as second round.

image 6

Seventh round: Join cream and work as second round.

image 7

Eighth round: Join cream and work 3ch, work 1tr in each st to corner, work 3tr in corner st. Repeat referring to the pattern. Sl st in beginning 3ch.

image 8 

Ninth round: Join light green to any st. Work 1ch, work sl st in next st to the end. Fasten off. 

image 9

Edging round: With wrong side facing, join cream and work along back of blanket. 

Work 3ch, and then 1tr in same st at base of beginning of 3ch. 

Work sl st in next st, then 1tr in next st. Continue referring to the pattern. Work sl st into top of first tr. 

image 9

Fasten off and sew in the ends.

And there you are- you are finished! Thank you to everyone that has taken part in the Sweetpea Blanket crochet along. We really hope you have enjoyed crocheting a truly wonderful pattern. We have loved seeing all of your progress on our Crochet Along Facebook page. 

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Happy crocheting!

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