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Step by step crochet: Slip stitch illustrations

Step by step crochet: Slip stitch illustrations
By Freddie Patmore 2 years ago
A slip stitch doesn't really create any fabric and is instead used to do one of the following:
  • Create surface embroidery through a crocheted surface (much like with the Square Mesh Embroidered Bunting Crochet Pattern)
  • Skip across the top of stitches where you don't want to add fabric on a row (underarm shaping, for example).
  • To create shape - such as fans or lace stitches - where a tight stitch close to the fabric will enable shapes to form.
  • To join parts of your work together to create circular foundations for a project (chain rings use a slst to join the chains to form a ring)

How to do a slip stitch (slst)

1. Make a length of chain. Insert the hook under two strands of second chain from hook and yarn round hook. how to do a slip stitch illustration

2. Pull the yarn through the chain and loop on the hook. This stitch has virtually no height.

fan pattern

In the above pattern, which is made up of treble (tr) stitches and chains, the fan shapes are pinched downwards at the corners using slsts. This creates a shape that is more prominent, accentuating the natural curvature of the pattern you are working.   granny hexagons Granny squares much like hexagons (above), are worked in the round and often incorporate colour changes at the end of a round.

To complete a round and join to where the round began, slip stitches will most often be used to do this neatly.

At that point in a granny square (or hexagon, as the case may be), a new colour may be joined in, or a few chains can be made to start a new round in the existing colour. fox amigurumi pattern This technique of working in rounds also becomes vital when you are making an amigurumi toy, just like our Girl Fox Crochet Pattern .

Amigurumi is essentially cute toys made entirely in the round in double crochet (dc), traditionally with heads larger than bodies. They tend to be fairly small too.

After each round of double crochet has been worked, there will either be a slst to join, or you'll continue to work in rounds without one.

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