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Step by step crochet: Double crochet illustrations

Step by step crochet: Double crochet illustrations
By Freddie Patmore 2 years ago

American and UK abbreviations differ slightly - a double crochet in American terms is the equivalent to the UK treble. A UK double crochet is the equivalent of a US single crochet.

The term single crochet does not exist in UK patterns. To work a UK double crochet (dc) into a chain, follow our instructions below.

How to a double crochet

1. Insert the hook under the top two strands of the second chain from the hook. Yarn round hook (yrh). 

2. Pull the yarn through to make loops on the hook.Yarn round hook again. 

3. Pull the yarn through both loops to finish the stitch.

double crochet stitch

Remember not to take the yarn round hook before inserting the hook (a step which is introduced for treble).

When working into stitches always insert the hook under the top two strands of yarn on a chain, unless instructed otherwise.

Take note that for your first dc into a chain (ch), you will need to miss one chain at the very start in order to continue working along the chain.

For this reason, when working a chain in which you intend to double crochet along the entire length, you will need to add an extra ch to the number of stitches you require. Otherwise you will find you are one short of your intended number when you have finished your foundation (first) row.

Dcs are very short stitches which create a dense fabric that's perfect for toys (where you don't want stuffing to show through) and garment edgings.

The other handy use for dcs is working through two pieces of fabric and 'stitching' them together - forming an attractive ridge.

This can be done in a contrast colour for an added design feature.

How to join two pieces using double crochet


how to join using double crochet

Work in the same way as if you were working into one piece (going under the two strands at the top of each stitch) except working through the top stitches of both pieces of fabric.

Each completed dc will sit above the work which will form the raised area along the seam. For a garment, keep this on the wrong side of the work.

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