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Step by step crochet: 3 half treble puff stitch illustrations

Step by step crochet: 3 half treble puff stitch illustrations
By Freddie Patmore 2 years ago

Usually abbreviated as puff st, puff stitch textures can be created using a variety of different treble stitches. Just like in our Puff Stitch Christmas Baubles Crochet Pattern, our guide shows an example with three half trebles (htrs).

A puff stitch is formed by a group of partly worked trebles which can be worked over one singular or several stitches. These add texture in among other patterns.

Worked in a similar way to decrease stitches, bobbles and clusters (all of which have multiple part worked stitches in common), here's how to create a 3 half treble puff:

How to do a 3 half treble puff stitch

1. Wrap yarn around your hook (yrh) and insert from front to back through the stitch in which you wish to work a 3 half treble puff stitch.

2. Yrh again and draw loop through the stitch to the front. 3 loops on hook.

How to do a half treble puff step 1

3. [Yrh, insert into same stitch again. Yrh and bring loop through to the front] twice more. 7 loops on your hook.


4. Finally, to finish the stitch, yrh once more and bring through all 7 loops on the hook. This gathers all of the loops on your hook together which will leave you with one loop remaining on the hook.

how to crochet a treble puff step 3

A stitch has been completed in crochet when only one loop remains on your hook. In the below square, which is worked in the round, trebles and chains are worked in the corners with a smattering of strategically placed puffs around the centre. 

how to do a crochet treble puff


The 3D aspect of the puff stitches lends a variance in texture to completely alter the look of the design.

As you can see from our expert instructions, each puff stitch uses several wraps of yarn around a hook which, most often, will be used in one stitch.

This is packing a large amount of yarn into one small space and can make the stitch feel heavy as yarn is used up far quicker than a more open mesh stitch.

woman's weekly all over puff stitch

The above swatch uses a mixture of puff stitches and open chain mesh to offset the amount of yarn used per square metre of fabric, while at the same time remaining delicate and pretty.

The puff stitch remains the feature in the above fabric design.

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