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Snow and Ice CAL - fifth instalment

Snow and Ice CAL - fifth instalment
By Teresa Conway 1 years ago

The fifth and final instalment of the Christmas Snow and Ice CAL is the rose motif. Make these in assorted shades and add to the top of the blanket.

For this CAL you will need Sirdar Cotton DK (100% cotton).

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2 x 100g (212m) balls of Sirdar Cotton DK (100% cotton) in each of Mill White (501), Vanilla (502), Light Taupe (504) and Grey Dawn (520). You will also need a 3mm hook. 

Download part five here

If you missed out on the previous patterns then you can download them here.

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First round: Make a slip ring on your left finger. To do this, wrap yarn around finger.

image 1

Insert hook into ring, yarn over hook.

image 2

Pull through.

image 3

Work 2 chain (ch), to make ch, take yarn round hook and pull through.

image 4

Repeat once more so that there are two chains.

Work 7 double crochet (dc) into the ring.

To do this, insert hook into the ring.

image 5

Yarn over and pull through.

image 7

Yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook.

image 9

Repeat a further 6 times making 7dc in total.

image 10

Slip stitch (slst) into top of 2ch. To work slst, insert hook into stitch (st), yarn over and pull through all sts on hook.

image 10

Pull end of yarn tightly to close ring.

image 11

Second round: Work 2ch

image 12

Work 1dc in base of 2ch.

image 13

Work 2dc in the next stitch. Repeat working 2dc in each st around.

Slst in top of 2ch.

image 14

Third round: Work 4ch.

image 15

Miss the next dc and work 1dc in next dc and 3ch.

image 16

Repeat a further 6 times making 7 in total.

Miss the last dc and slst into first 4ch.

image 17

Fourth round: Work 1dc, 1 half treble (1htr), 1tr, 1htr and 1dc all in next chain space (chsp).

To work htr, take yarn over hook.

 image 19

Inset hook into chsp, yarn over hook again.

image 20

Pull yarn through.

image 21

You will have three loops on the hook. Take yarn over hook and pull through all three sts on hook.

image 22

Work the rest of the sts into the chsp referring to pattern or the instructions above.

Repeat making 8 petals in total.

image 23

Fifth round: Working behind the petals, slst into 2 strands at base of each of first 3 sts on first petal.

image 24

Yarn over and pull through all sts on hook.

image 25

Work 3ch.

image 26

And then slst into 2 strands at base of tr on next petal.

image 27

Repeat the 3ch, slst into 2 strands at base of tr on next petal a further 6 times, so all of the round has been worked.

Referring to pattern, join with a slst.

image 28

Sixth round: Work 1ch.

image 29

Work 1dc, 1htr, 3tr, 1htr and 1dc all in next chsp.

image 30

Continue working the sts into the chsp.

image 31

Once all the 8 petals have been worked, slst into 1ch that you worked at the start.

image 32

Fasten off and weave in the ends. That's your rose complete.

Make 9 in total in a mix of the shades given.

Attach to the top of the blanket after joining the squares together referring to pattern. Scatter the roses randomly across the blanket in the centre of the squares.

That's your Snow And Ice CAL blanket complete!

We would love to see your finished blankets so please share pictures of them over on The Knitting Network Facebook page.

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