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Remembrance Day Poppy Displays

By Amy Sosbe 2 years ago

Over on our Facebook page at the end of last week we asked you to share with us some of the special Remembrance Day makes you’d made and any special Remembrance Day displays you’d seen.

We shared a beautiful display that was made in Kent for the shop window at The Politician's Daughter. It was knitted by the talented Ickham Crafty Ladies, it's a wonderful tribute to see.

We also spotted another touching display over the weekend, in Canterbury, Kent. The display was made up of a cascade of 10,00 knitted and crocheted poppies, made by a number of ladies from the local community.

You shared some wonderful displays with us and we’ve put together a few of them below. Thank you so much again to everyone who shared their pictures with us.

Display at The Politician's Daughter, Kent.

The Remembrance Day display in Canterbury, Kent.

Your beautiful pictures sent in to us.

Lest we forget.

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