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Our Knitting and Crochet Horror Stories

By Amy 3 months ago

As Halloween is just around the corner, we thought it’d be fun to share some horror stories with you... of the knitting and crochet variety! What could possibly be scarier for us knitters and crocheters than a spilt glass of something over a work in progress! The game of will-I-have-enough-yarn?! Or that awful moment you realise you’ve made a mistake right in the middle of your project and hours of work are undone in a matter of seconds! It’s enough to send shivers down our spine just thinking about it! *shivers*

Here at The Knitting Network, we love knitting and crochet, so we thought we’d share some of our own horror stories.

Please be aware: the following content may cause sever distress and those with a nervous disposition may want to stop reading now.. you have been warned!...

A Terrifying Tale by Rebecca E.

It was a dark and stormy night and I was rushing to finish an amigurumi project. The wind was howling and tension in the room was high as a game of yarn chicken looked unlikely to go in my favour. I still had hope that I’d manage to win, until……out of nowhere……a bundle of fur, paws and claws seemed to drop from the ceiling! A battle ensued between cat and human and the precious remaining yarn tumbled in slow motion towards the edge of the sofa. I peeped onto the floor, holding my breath and with one eye shut, and to my horror…..I discovered the treasure…..floating lifeless in my half empty coffee mug……

A Knitting Horror Haiku by Natalie W.

I stare in anguish

Cables in a perfect storm

Cut in one swift move

An Alarming Account by Susan R.

Its close to midnight

Something evils lurking in the dark


Under the moonlight

I see my dog and it almost stops my heart

I almost scream

My blanket lays on the floor all messy

I'm on my knees

as the horror unfolds before me

I'm paralysed


Cause its a jumble

a jumble night

and no one can save it from the beast that's striked


You know its a killer

Killer night

When your blankets on the floor

and its been torn from door to door


Its a killer

Killer night


You hope it's just your imagination

but all the while

You hear the dog creeping up behind you

He's outta time


It's the dogs home

There ain't no second chance

for the beast that eats the yarn


Its the dogs home

The dogs home now

A Frightening Fable by Amy S.

The day had been long and my knitting project was just what I needed to help me unwind... I had just started knitting some booties that needed to be finished the next day, so the pressure was on! I was on the 3rd row and all was going well. I could feel the stresses of the day floating away. My mind was drifting off to the gripping baking related program on the television and I thought, 'this is going to be a good night'. But, my mind must have wondered too much as when I looked down at my work, half way down was a purl row, right where a knit row should have been! Disaster! Out came the stitches, one by one, until the mistake was undone. Back I went to my knitting and off wondered my mind… ‘they’re not going to have time to finish!’ I thought, ‘they’ve still got the second cake to bake and they’ve forgotten to turn the oven back on! Disaster!’ I thought. Then, I looked down at my work... it’d happened again, a purl row, right where the knit row should be. Out came the stitches! One by one, until the mistake was undone. ‘This time, I need to concentrate’ I thought! Back I went to my knitting and off wondered my mind… ‘On no, they’ve not added the eggs! They’ll have to make the cake again!’ I thought. Feeling like I couldn’t watch, I looked down at my work and there it was, for the third time… a purl row… right where a knit row should be… off went the television, and off went my knitting… hurtling across the lounge floor.

A Shocking Short-story by Vanessa F.

“The dreaded first project that keeps on haunting”

There was a full moon outside and the rain was hammering on my window as I began to start my first ever crochet project… It was a moment I had been anticipating for a while. I had watched tutorial after tutorial on how to master the double crochet stitch, and this was it, this was my time to shine! I started crocheting but every time I tried to pull my hook through after every stitch, my grip got tighter and tighter, until there was no movement whatsoever in my half-finished blanket project. The nerves had clearly gotten the better of me. I had decided to use mis-matched colours and balls as I was supposed to be practicing after all. Alas, the finished project reminded me of another horror story, without realising it, I had created… Frankenstein’s Monster!

And now every time I walk past my spare room, that dreaded first project keeps on haunting me. Do I keep it, or do I discard of it for good?

A Nail-biting Narrative by Amy L.

‘’The Tale of the Missing Yarn’’

Nothing haunts me more than the ball of Stylecraft Cosy Delight that disappeared one cold, dark winters night(mare).

I was up against it. Knitting as fast as I could, trying to finish a shawl in time to gift to a friend. The project came everywhere with me. I even brought it to work to show off my progress (maybe sneak in a few rows), and all was going well... until, that is, I left the office to drive home that evening.

Cradling my precious WIP, I opened the back door of the car and tucked it down on the seat, safe and sound for the drive home. A short while later once I'd arrived, I opened the door and to my horror, the yarn was missing! The incomplete shawl lay lifeless. No yarn attached to complete it, just a frayed, broken end.

All night I tossed and turned, wondering what could have happened. The following morning on my return to the office, as I neared my destination, I followed my missing yarn back into work. The ball must have fallen from the car as I closed the door the night before, and I'd driven home with it unravelling behind me!

We’d love to hear your knitting and crochet horror stories! You can share yours on our Facebook page here >>

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