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Knit Our Beautiful Countryside

By Amy Sosbe 3 years ago

With the summer in full swing it’s also the season for the great county show. All over the country we celebrate our wonderful countryside, it’s rural traditions, life and crafts and the history of farming, through our county shows, through food, animals and other local produce.

The county show explores what each county has to offer, they are a window into the full and interesting history that makes each part so different from one another. From the folklore, Jurassic Coast and Cornish Pasties of the South West, to the original home of the Bramley apple, Melton Mowbray pork pies and Bakewell tarts of the East Midlands.

Our patterns continue this celebration and exploration of our countryside, from beautiful recreations of the landscapes surrounding us, to the sheep that give us our wool.

This is the first of 4 cushion cover designs by Wendy; knitted in DK, they celebrate the diverse landscapes of the British Isles. This one shows the peaceful rolling hills of the Yorkshire dales.

This picturesque coastal scene reminds us of the white cliffs of the south coast. The design on the reverse of the cushion is a pretty wave effect pattern, carrying on the coastal theme.

The purple heather, lone sheep and exposed rocks on this cushion design, takes us to the moors. This rugged yet enchanting landscape is found in the west of the country in Dartmoor and to the North on the North York Moors.

The last of the Wendy landscape designs, this last one pictures the amazing Limestone Pavement of Malham. This strange looking rock formation, resembling paving blocks, can also be found in other parts of the UK and Ireland. We love the subtle grey shades used to make up the scene.

The pattern and texture this knitted throw and cushion creates, is reminiscent of the traditional Scottish Tweed fabric. The shades encompass the shades of the Scottish landscape, with the purples of heather, the oranges of the lichen covered rocks and yellows of the sweet-smelling gorse.

The beautiful cable designs on these 2 throws, hark back to the traditional cable designs from the Aran Islands, off the coast of Ireland. The brown and beige shades remind us of woodlands and autumnal hues.

These super sweet sheep coasters are easy knits. Knitted in King Cole Merino Blend DK, the shades used reflect the colour variety of fleeces of the different breeds of sheep.

Where would we be without sheep?! We’d certainly struggle as knitters and crocheters! We love the loopy stitches used to create the fluffy fleece on this lovely Blackface sheep.

For those who crochet, here’s a cute crochet sheep, using another fun loopy stitch.

The sheep dog is not only a sheep farmers best friend, but a loyal and hard-working colleague! Knit your very own with this lovely pattern, including a sheep and a lamb.

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