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Keep Calm and Crochet Along - Part Three

Keep Calm and Crochet Along - Part Three
By Amy 1 years ago

The third instalment of our very special 'Keep Calm and Crochet Along' CAL is here. Designed by Sue Rawlinson of Sweetpea Family Crochet this delightful spring blanket is made up of simple crochet stitches, suitable for beginners.

Download part three here >

If you missed out on the first and second parts of our special CAL then don't worry, you can download them here!

Download part one here >

Download part two here >

The third instalment is all about the granny stripe and rows of double crochet!

Row 77: work 3ch, then 1tr in st at base of 3ch, skip next 2 sts, and work 3tr in next st.

image 1

Repeat the skip next 2 sts and work 3tr in next st til you get to last 2 sts, skip 1 st, 1tr in last st.

image 2

Row 78: Work 3ch, work 1tr in base of 3ch. Work 3tr in space between next 2tr groups.

image 3

Continue referring to the pattern until last 2 sts, skip 1 st and work 1 tr in last st.

image 4

Row 79: Work as 78th row, changing to Cream on last yrh of last tr.

Row 80 and 81: Work 1ch, and then 1dc in each st to end. Change to dark pink on last yrh of last tr.

image 5

Row 82: Work as row 77, the granny stripe.

image 6

Row 83 and 84: Work as row 78 and 79, completing the three row granny stripe.

image 7

Continue with your project using your pattern as a guide.

That's it for part three. We hope you enjoy it and are looking forward to part four. Stay tuned!

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Happy crocheting and stay safe!

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