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How To Knit: Video Tutorials

How To Knit: Video Tutorials
By Vanessa 2 months ago

Learning to knit or crochet is a rewarding experience that will provide you with a new skill that will stay with you for a lifetime. We’ve put together a series of video tutorials of the basics to get you started with knitting (including making a slip knot, casting on, knitting your rows, casting off and abbreviations).

All of our knitting and crochet tutorials are available on our YouTube channel: @The Knitting Network listed under the following playlists: “How To” (which includes all “How To” videos), “How To Knit”, “Knitting Abbreviations” and “How To Crochet”.

How To Knit: Cast On

How To: Cast Off

How To: Cast On, Cast Off, Knit And Purl

How To Knit: Knit Stitch

How To Knit: Purl Stitch

How To Knit: Picking Up Dropped Stitch

How To Knit: Stripes

How To Knit: Lace

How To Knit: Cables

How To Knit: French Knitting

How To Knit: Fair Isle

How To Knit: Toys

How To Stuff Toys And Other Knits

Knitting Abbreviations



Stocking stitch (stst)

K (Knit)

K row




Our Emu Beginners Knit Kit is available to purchase here.

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