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How To Knit: Reworking vintage knitting patterns

How To Knit: Reworking vintage knitting patterns
By Amy Last 7 months ago

Woman’s Weekly have taken a dip into their archives of vintage knitting patterns for this pretty cardigan from the 1940s. They've reworked the instructions so that it can be knitted with a new yarn.

Visiting the Woman’s Weekly archives and the bound volumes going back to 1910 can be a great fun – you might like to try it yourself by visiting the British Library.

We know from your interest in all our previously featured vintage knitting patterns just how keen you are to know how to rework archived patterns for yarns available to us today, so we've made a little guide below.

Vintage Knitting Patterns

How to recreate one of our vintage knitting patterns yourself

1. Look at the original pattern to see what yarn and needles were used and generally look at the style.

2. Try to match the yarn to the original weight or choose a yarn that best suits the design.

3. Knit a tension swatch in the yarn intended to be used to find out the number of stitches and rows to 10cms and its suitability for the chosen pattern.

4. Draw a line diagram to match the shape and pieces of the original design and write down the all measurements that will be needed to work out the pattern.

5. Then begin to calculate how many stitches and rows will be needed for each piece and adjust number of stitches the pattern repeat (if needed). The rows maybe need to be adjusting as well.

This elegant 1940s vintage top is one of our most popular patterns from the Woman's Weekly archive. A lovely short-sleeved cardigan reworked with a new yarn, it has set-in sleeves and buttons up to the collar. 


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