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How To Knit: French Knitting & Pom Poms

By Rebecca 5 months ago

French Knitting YouTube Tutorial

Pom Pom Instructions

To make a pom pom you will need, a pom pom maker, some yarn and a small pair of scissors. The Pony Pom-Pom maker comes apart to allow you to make Pom-Poms in three different sizes.

Large – Using the blue rings

Medium – Using the red rings

Small – Using the yellow rings

When you have decided which size you would like to make, take the pom-pom maker apart and select the rings you need for the size you would like to make. The rings have one side with a ridge around the centre edge and one side with a ridge around the outside edge. Hold the two rings together with the sides with a ridge around the outside edge facing each other.

Take your first small ball of yarn, and holding the end to the pom pom maker with your thumb. Begin passing the ball of yarn through the centre of the pom pom maker and wrapping it around the circle. Continue all the way around your pom pom maker, starting a new small ball of yarn when necessary (you will not need to tie the ends together).The first layer of yarn can be tricky, ask an adult for help if you need to.

Continue adding layers of yarn until it is difficult to pass the small balls of yarn through the centre of the pom pom. The more yarn you add, the more full and fluffy your pom pom will look. Cut a short length of yarn and have this ready for the next step. If you’d like to hang your pom pom up, use a longer strand of yarn here.

Turn your pom pom maker sideways and ask an adult to help you cut through the yarn around the edge of the pom pom maker. Cut all the way around the outside…

Next, move the two circles apart until you can fit the short length of yarn between the two circles and around the centre of the pom pom. Tie a secure knot.

Now you can take the two circles off completely and your pom pom is complete! If your pom pom has any pieces of yarn sticking out, you can snip these off if you would like to. You can now hang your pom poms up as decorations, or string them together to make fun garlands!

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