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How to crochet: An amigurumi cat

How to crochet: An amigurumi cat
By Freddie Patmore 6 years ago

We can't get enough of amigurumi toys at the moment.

Despite having been popular in Japan for decades, it's only in the last few years that the trend for making them has spread overseas. 

The term amigurumi is an amalgamation of 'ami', the Japanese term for something knitted or crocheted, and 'nuigurumi' which can be translated to mean stuffed doll.

Don't think you're skilled enough to attempt to make your own dinky dollies?

The Knitting Network's Freddie Patmore is adamant they're great for beginners to try because they offer the chance to practice basic techniques.

'They make great projects for people new to crochet because they only really uses dcs and foundation rings, super simple stuff,' she says.

Using techniques that can be applied to any amigurumi project, Freddie gets creative making a feline friend in our fun video guide below.

Start by looping of yarn around your fingers and use your crochet hook to bring a loop through.

Next, make one chain and work double crochet stitches into the ring. Pull tight and place a marker on the last stitch of the of the round.

Once you've done this, begin working in the round. As you complete each round, move the marker and place it where the last stitch of each round has been worked.

Continue crocheting in the round and decrease to create shape. It's important to stuff the body before you reach the last round.

Make the ears and the tail in the same way and simply sew them on.

To give your animal some personality, embroider on the face. Fasten off and your make is ready.

If we've inspired you to flex your hook and yarn, the kitty Freddie crochets is part of our Cat And Dog Amigurmi Animals Pattern set and is available to buy now in our shop.  

Learn How To Crochet with our complete guide. 

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