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How to crochet: Adding buttons

How to crochet: Adding buttons
By Beverley Watts 2 years ago

Adding buttons to your finished crochet project is an exciting time as it's a way to bring a personal touch to your unique creation. 

We've got 6 handy hints to make sure the buttons on your projects like the Ladies' Cuff Bracelet Crochet Pattern look perfect.

1. Take your finished crochet project with you when you go to buy buttons. Pick a few you like and lay them out on your fabric, taking your time in choosing a good colour match. If you're undecided, ask a friendly salesperson for a second opinion.

2. Test a button for size by pushing it through your buttonholes. The button should move through the buttonhole and feel a little tight as crochet buttonholes can get looser with wear.

3. Make sure the buttons you like are washable. Buttons made from natural materials such as wood, coconut or shell can be very delicate and may have special care instructions.

4. Build up a button collection by storing the spare ones that come with new clothes and remove any from items that are to be discarded. Eventually you'll find you have a rich mixture of styles and colours. You can dip into your stash to add decorative embellishments to all kinds of projects.

5. When adding buttons, stitch them on in the  same way. With four-holed varities, you have the option to stitch two parallel lines or a cross as you work through all four holes. Keep your style consistent and if using parallel lines, make sure all the buttons are stitched in the same direction.

6. Allow for extra space underneath the button so that the fabric lays flat and isn't scrunched when it’s done up. Lay a big darning needle or a cocktail stick under the button as you sew, this will ensure it's not too tightly attached. When the stitching is done and secure, remove the needle. This will create some height and allow the button to move around a bit, too.

Woman's crocheted cuff with buttons

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