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How to crochet: A flower

How to crochet: A flower
By Freddie Patmore 5 years ago

This crochet flower is perfect for anyone looking for a real challenge.

Although it does involve more advanced crocheting techniques, we can guarantee it's a seriously satisfying make.

Once finished, your crochet flower could be turned into a brooch to wear with your favourite jacket. Alternatively, you could even make multiple blooms as part of a much larger project such as a granny square blanket. 

To help you out, The Knitting Network's Freddie Patmore has devised a step-by-step video guide that you can watch as you follow her instructions below. 

Begin by making the chain loop for the flower. Form a slipknot, make your chains and join the last chain to your first chain with a slip stitch to form the ring.

To begin the first round, make three more chains which will count as the first treble.

Now you’re ready to start your first petal. Counting those three chains as one treble, make three more trebles.

Do the first one and find the third chain you made at the beginning of the round and place a marker exactly where that stitch is - it will tell you where to finish off later.

Complete the next two trebles and turn the whole thing over so that you can work across the top of the trebles you’ve just made.

Before you do that, make three chains before working one of the trebles into the stitch at the base of those three chains.

Then, work one treble into the next two trebles before working one treble into the top of three chains that you made at the beginning. Your marker will show you exactly where this is.

Take your hook into the same space that the marker is sitting and work your final treble there to complete the first petal.

Turn the whole thing over again to form the next petal. Make three more chains and allow them to drift at the back of the petal you’ve just made so that you can then work four more trebles into the chain ring to start the second petal.

Flip over again and make three chains as before and put the first treble into the stitch at the base of the chain again. You’re now ready to work across the row of trebles you’ve just made. Work one treble into next of the each three trebles to finish your second petal.

To begin the third petal, turn the whole thing over and make three chains, allowing them to sit at the back of the petal you’ve just made while you work back into the chain ring to do the next petal.

You’ll soon start to run out of space for your ring to take more trebles as you work all of these petals into it. Simply shuffle the ring stitches along to make a bit more room so that you can then work another petal.

Keep going like this until you have eight petals.

When you’ve finished crocheting the last one, turn the flower over and work three more chains like those between each petal. Allow them to drift at the back of the final petal before taking your hook into the stitch where the marker is to work a slip stitch to finish the whole thing off.

Cut your yarn loose and bring it through the yarn that’s on the end of your hook and pull to secure.

As you can see from our crochet flower tutorial, the petals are worked into a chain ring to form the initial shape and each petal is just made up of a few treble stitches before you then do a few chains to join them up to the next petal.

The reason that you do these chain loops in between is just so that you have somewhere to crochet into if you want to make the shape bigger to turn it into something like a square.

The square is just a few trebles into the chain loops to create a different shape.

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