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How to crochet: A chain ring and work in the round

How to crochet: A chain ring and work in the round
By Freddie Patmore 6 years ago

The Knitting Network's Freddie Patmore breaks down the stages of making a chain ring and provides insight into how to work in the round in our tutorial video. 

To get started, begin by making a slipknot.

Pull both ends of yarn away from one another to make the slipknot a little smaller. This loop then sits on your crochet hook ready to make your chain ring.

To make your chains, take your crochet hook under and up around the yarn and pull the loop through the one that’s already on your hook, allowing it to fall off.

Freddie starts her ring by making make four chains. To join it up, take your hook through the first chain you made. You will now have two loops on your hook.

Take a loop of yarn from around your finger and pull it through both loops on your hook. This is called a slip stitch and will form your chain ring.

To turn this ring into a circle, start by making three chains and then you need to work a series of stitches into the ring.

’The reason I’ve done three chains here is because I’m going to work 15 trebles into this ring in order to turn it into a circle,’ explains Freddie.

If you start to run out of space on your ring, just slide all of your trebles around the ring to reveal a bit more space. By doing this you will have room to complete the circle.

Join with a slip stitch to the third of the three chains that you did at the beginning of the round.

Cut off your end of yarn and thread it through the loop that is on your hook. Your circle is now complete.

‘As you can see, the circle forms the middle of this square here,’ says Freddie.

‘By doing another round, on top of that circle, you make a bigger one and the more rounds you do you’ll get an even larger circle.

‘And by doing additional treble stitches in certain areas you can make different shapes like this square here.’

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