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Grandmother's Footsteps Blanket CAL Part Four

Grandmother's Footsteps Blanket CAL Part Four
By Florence Roberts 10 months ago

The fourth instalment of our latest crochet along 'Grandmother's Footsteps' is here. This traditional granny square blanket is made up of simple granny squares in cream and bright colours. It is suitable for those with a bit more crochet experience. 

This part shows you how to make the corner triangles. These are joined to the corners to complete the blanket's rectangle shape. They are worked in just the aran shade.

Download part four here >

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Keep scrolling for a helpful guide on how to crochet the blanket, and the stitches used.

With 4mm hook and Aran, make 4ch and join with a sl st to form a ring.

image 1

 First row: Work 4ch, then work 3tr, 1ch and 1tr in ring, turn.

image 2

Second row: Work 4ch, 3tr in 1chsp, 1ch, 3tr in 4th of 4ch.

Then 1ch and then 1tr in 3rd of 4ch. Turn.

image 3

Third row: Work 4ch, then 3tr in next 1chsp, 1ch twice.

Work 3tr in 4th of 4ch.

Then 1ch, 1tr in 3rd of 4ch, turn.

image 4

Fourth row: Work 4ch

Then work 3tr in next 1chsp, 1ch until you reach the 4ch at end.

Then work 3tr in 4th of 4ch, 1ch, 1tr in 3rd of 4ch, turn.

image 5

Fifth to eighth rows: Work as fourth row. 

image 6

Makes sure that all 8 rows are completed and you end up with 8 clusters of 3tr along the finishing edge.

 image 6

Ninth row: Joining row: Work 3ch.

Sl st in corner chsp on square on main part.

image 8

Work 3tr in next 1chsp on triangle, slst in next chsp on square.

image 9

Repeat this until you reach the end 4ch.

Work 3tr in 4th of 4ch on the triangle. The sl st in corner chsp on square.

Then work 1tr in 3rd of 4ch on triangle. Fasten off.

image 9

Make 4 of these corner triangles in total.

We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to part five, which will be our final part. It will be released on 8th June so stay tuned!

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Happy crocheting.

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