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Folk Blanket CAL- Part One

Folk Blanket CAL- Part One
By Florence Roberts 1 years ago

The first part of our latest CAL- the Folk Blanket is here! This CAL is made up of classic granny squares, in bright and fun colours!

Download part one here >

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Keep scrolling for a helpful guide on how to crochet the blanket.

Please note there is no set colour sequence for the rounds, this is up to you. Feel free to refer to the colours we use for a guide if you want to!

First round: Using 4mm hook, make a slip stitch (sl st) on your hook.

image 1

Work 4 chain (ch). To do this, take working yarn over hook.

image 2

Pull through loop on hook.

You have created 1ch.

image 3

Repeat a further three times making 4ch in total.

Join with a sl st in the first ch to make a ring. 

image 4

To make a sl st, insert hook into st, yarn over hook and pull through all loops on hook.

image 5

Work 3ch.

image 6

Work two treble (tr) sts in the ring. To work a tr, take yarn over hook.

image 7

Insert hook into ring.

image 8

Take yarn over hook and pull through, having three loops on hook.

Take yarn over hook.

image 9

Pull through two loops on hook.

Take yarn over hook again.

image 10

Pull through remaining two loops on hook.

That's your tr st made!

image 11

Repeat another tr st, and then work 2ch.

image 12

Work a further 3tr, then 2ch.

image 13

Repeat the 3tr, 2ch twice more. Join with a sl st, you should end up with a square.

image 14

Fasten off.

Second round: Join in new colour into any of the 2ch spaces. Work 3ch.

image 15

Work 2tr into same space.

Work 2ch, 3tr into same space.

image 16

Work 1ch. 

Continue the round, as before, working 2ch in the corners and 1ch between each tr cluster. Join round with a sl st in top of first 3ch.

Third round: Join in cream to any 2ch space, work 3ch.

image 15

Work 2tr, 2ch, 3tr in the same space.

Continue in this way, working the 3tr, 2ch, 3tr in the corners and the 1ch, 3tr, 1ch, between each of the middle spaces.

image 17

Fourth round: Join in next colour, work the same 3ch, 2tr, 2ch, 3tr in the same  corner ch space. 

Repeat round as before, referring to pattern.

image 20

Fifth round: Join in new colour and repeat as before. Refer to pattern.

Sixth round: Join in cream for the final round.

image 21

Crochet another 35 squares, making 36 in total.

Here is some more colour way inspiration...

image 22

Try different colour for each round or repeat the same colour in one square.

image 23

Always make sure the third and sixth rounds are in cream.

image 24

How to join the squares together:

Weave in all the lose ends. 

Place the squares wrong sides together, lining up the stitches.

Using the cream yarn, sl st the squares together through the back loops on each square only. 

image 26

Work all the way down the row, making sure the stitches are inline.

image 26

The way this join works will create a ridge in the fabric. 

image 27

Join all of your squares together using this joining technique. 

That is it for part one! Don't forget to check out the blog next Friday 16th March for part two!

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