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Flower Garden CAL - first instalment

Flower Garden CAL - first instalment
By Teresa Conway 7 years ago

Welcome to the first instalment of The Knitting Network Flower Garden CAL designed by the talented Lynne Rowe with an exclusive colour way by Heather Leal.

For this CAL you will need Stylecraft Special Aran (100% acrylic).

Buy the yarn here >

For the complete blanket: 4 x 100g (196m) balls of Stylecraft Special Aran (100% acrylic) in Cream (1005); 1 ball in each of Pomegranate (1083), Lipstick (1246), Fondant (1241), Spice (1711) Magenta (1084), Plum (1061), Lemon (1020) and Meadow (1065). This CAL is crocheted on a 5mm hook.

Here is the first of the four patterns which is a gorgeous 3D flower motif on a background of treble stitches. We are so happy to have you on board and we will be here to assist you in completing your crochet blanket.

Download the PDF for Part 1 here>>

Flower crochet motif

To make things super easy for you we've made a detailed help video on how to create the petals, as these can be quite fiddly! You can scroll down to the bottom of the page for the video and see our helpful step-by-step guide.

Every flower starts with a chain (ch) loop: Make a slipknot, followed by the required number of ch and slip stitch (slst) into the first ch (above your slipknot) to form the circular ring.

Make a slipknot.

Make a slip knot

Work your chain stitches.

Work your chain stitches

Slip stitch in first chain.

Slip stitch in first chain

You have now formed the ring where all the petals will be worked into.

You have now formed the ring where all the petals will be worked into.

If you've mastered that you are now ready to start forming the petals. When starting the first round, begin with 3ch which when counting, will be considered to be the first treble.

Make 3 chain stitches

Working treble stitches into the ring...

Make trebles in ring

Find the third of the three chains you made when you started this round and pop a marker into that stitch - it will tell you the final stitch needs to be worked at the end of this round.

Place a marker in the third of the three chains

This is the time when the first petal begins. Make three trebles (tr) each into the chain ring at the base of these chains.

Make 3 chains

Turn your work over to work back over the trebles just made.

Work back over the trebles just made.

Make 3ch, and then work 1tr into the base of the 3ch.

Make 3 chains

If in doubt about where the 3rd of the 3ch is, refer back to the marker you placed earlier.

1tr into the 3rd of the 3ch

This completes your first petal. Turn your work over again to start the next petal.

start your next petal

Make 3 ch leaning behind the petal just completed and work 4 more tr directly into the ch ring.

Turn the work again to work backwards over the 4 tr

As before, turn the work again to work backwards over the 4 tr just made and expand the flower. Make 3ch and place the first tr into the st at the base of the 3ch.

Continue by working 1tr into each of the next 3 tr, completing petal No 2.

There are 8 petals in total, each worked in the same way.

The central chain ring will soon start feeling full after four or five trebles have been worked. Don’t panic if you’re running out of space. Just slide the stitches along, squashing them up a bit, to leave room for your remaining petals.

When the eighth petal has been worked, work 3ch and a slst into the stitch marked at the very start of your round.

Join in your next colour with a slip stitch to a chain loop behind any of the petals to begin the next part of the pattern. Which is a simple combination of treble and chain stitches once you've mastered the petals!


The second part of the pattern will be released on the 19 May 2017.

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