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Mystery Easter themed cosy appears on Tunbridge Wells postbox

Mystery Easter themed cosy appears on Tunbridge Wells postbox
By Amy 2 years ago

A secret yarn bomber has left an Easter themed crochet cosy on a postbox in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

It's the second year running that's seen a Royal Mail postbox appear in the town overnight with a new cosy. Last year it was a hen and this year a wonderful rabbit in a blue coat and a garden filled with rainbows.

The mystery maker has not been revealed, but we were lucky enough to catch up with the person behind this and a number of other surprise installations that appear in the area."

I had no idea I'd be installing it in lockdown when I made a start on it a few weeks ago. I always do them to raise a smile, I had no way of knowing when I made it just how much that would be needed.
I'm so thrilled so many people are enjoying it at such a difficult time."

The postbox cosy features a wonderful collection of characters, from ladybirds and bees, to flowers, rainbows and of course a large rabbit who sits on top with a baby bunny by its side.

It's been well received by local residents. Clare of @mytunbridgewells on Instagram said: "For all of the heartache and worries in the world right now, I don’t think I have ever seen community spirit so strong. Seeing this beautiful creation brightened our day and I’m sure many of the people who pass by it on their daily exercise. Well done to the talented and thoughtful person who created it."

Last year's installation was this wonderful hen.

If you've been inspired to make a postbox cosy for your local area next year, you'll find our collection of Easter patterns here. The designs include this popular hen and chicks pattern that's perfect for spreading Easter joy.

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