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Bloom Burst Mystery CAL - third instalment

Bloom Burst Mystery CAL - third instalment
By Freddie Patmore 4 years ago

Your Bloom Burst Mystery CAL free patterns sure are thriving, this week we're sowing the seed of a brand new motif to add to your collection in the form of a frilled scabious flower.

For this CAL you will need Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic).

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1 x 100g (295m) ball of Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic) in each Jaffa 1256, Fiesta 1257, Sunshine 1114, Matador 1010, Bright Green 1259 and Aspen 1422. You will also need a 4mm crochet hook.

Don't panic if you're new to crochet, as we teach you how to crochet this flower from start to finish in our very floral pictorial guide, below.

Download your free scabious motif pattern 

We've been loving watching your progress pics roll in over on the Facebook group. Sarah E Laking sure has been a busy bee creating this gorgeous garland of Hellebore florets:

This week's flower is the stunning scabious, a frilly flower that is beloved by garden wildlife.

Aptly nicknamed 'the pincushion flower', Scabious attract both butterflies and bees alike. We couldn't help but get our hooks around this textured wonder.

How to make your scabious flower:

 The scabious flower begins with a yarn loop or 'magic ring'.

To make one, begin by winding a single loop of yarn around your index finger.

magic ring

Insert your hook into the ring, and wrap a loop of yarn around your hook.

Bring a loop of yarn through to the front, and work 3ch. From this point onwards, be careful not to pull the short end of yarn as this will tighten the ring before the round is finished.

Working over the short end and the ring edge, work 15 trebles (tr) into the ring.

Pull the short end of yarn to tighten (this is the 'magic' bit).

Break off your first colour and use your second colour to work a slip stitch (slst) into the third of the 3ch from the beginning of the round. This will create a seamless colour join.

Each petal is made from a chain loop. Start by working 4ch, and then work a slst into the front loop of the next tr.

All remaining petals are worked in the same way except using 3ch instead of four.

Continue to the end of the round, finishing with a slst back where you started, and fasten off.

Rejoin your third colour to one of the back loops of the trebles from the first round.

To do this, start by making a slipknot in your new shade and place it on your crochet hook.

Insert your hook in any of the treble back loops indicated above, and wrap a loop of yarn around your hook.

Bring this loop through all the loops on the hook. This creates a very secure join.

Now to work this round of petals, start with 6ch and work a slst into the next back treble loop.

All further petals on this round are worked in the same way, except using 5ch.

Work to end finishing with a slst in the 1st of the 6ch worked at the outset of this round.

And that's it! Remember to leave a 20cm end to join your motifs when you're finished. But here's how yours will look:

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