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Bloom Burst Mystery CAL - second instalment

Bloom Burst Mystery CAL - second instalment
By Freddie Patmore 4 years ago

This week we've got another brand new pretty motif for you - a delightful hellebore. And below, we show you how to crochet this pretty flower from start to finish.

For this CAL you will need Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic).

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1 x 100g (295m) ball of Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic) in each Jaffa 1256, Fiesta 1257, Sunshine 1114, Matador 1010, Bright Green 1259 and Aspen 1422. You will also need a 4mm crochet hook.

Don't panic if you're new to crochet, as we teach you how to crochet this flower from start to finish in our very floral pictorial guide, below.

Download Part 2 here.


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The Helleborus flower variety is often nicknamed 'the winter rose', owing to its lush deep colours and velvety petals. Although not strictly related to the rose, we can certainly see the resemblance. And with the weather turning chillier, we are loving a splash of vibrant colour in our lives with this bright and breezy five petalled motif.

How to crochet a Hellebore flower:

With a 4.00 hook, make five chains (ch) and work a slip stitch (slst) in the first ch to form a ring.

5ch ring

Make 2ch to achieve the height away from the ring required to work the next round.

work 2ch

Following in the instructions on the pattern, work two UK treble (tr) stitches together into the ring. This creates a cluster stitch comprised of 3tr (here 2ch counts as 1tr).

Treble 2 cluster

Separating each cluster by 2ch...

2ch ring

Continue working four more clusters around the ring (each will now consist of 3tr where the 2ch previously, counted as one additional tr), until a total of five have been worked, plus an additional 2ch.

When joining with a slst to finish the round, cut off the first colour and introduce the new shade. This creates a seamless colour join.

Seamless colour join crochet

Jump straight over to the next chsp, and into it, work 5 double crochet stitches (dc), working over the ends as you go.

Do this into each chsp in the round as stated and trim off any remaining ends that haven't been worked in. When joining this round with a slst, attach the third shade as you did with the second.

dc into every sp

Now, to work the petals of the flower, begin with 3ch.

3ch crochet flower

In each of the next 3dc below, work two double trebles (dtr), which begin with two wraps of yarn around the crochet hook. Remember to crochet in your ends as you go.

Work three more ch...


And then in the next 2 dc, work a slst to create a pronounced shape to the petal.

Continue all the way around until you have five petals, your last petal will finish with a slst in the first dc of the second round. Fasten off leaving a long end (about 20cm) - you'll need these later for sewing up.

crochet helleborus flower

And last but not least - we want to see your progress blooming away online, so make sure you flash your flowers on Facebook and Instagram using our hashtag #bloomburstmysteryCAL, we'd LOVE to see!

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