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Knitting Love: 14 reasons why knitters make the BEST partners

Knitting Love: 14 reasons why knitters make the BEST partners
By Beverley Watts 6 years ago

Being able to knit is an amazing skill. Knitters should be loved and cherished by their other halves because…

1. They’re full of so much knitting love that they’ll sit through almost anything on the telly as long as they can knit – football, documentaries about tractors, even the cricket!

2. Everyone’s always in awe of the mind-bogglingly clever things they make!

Stopmotion knitting horse

3. There’s always a woolly tea cosy on hand so your tea doesn’t get cold.

Christmas pudding tea cosy knitting pattern

Christmas Pudding Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern
4. They’re not needy and attention-seeking because they’re NEVER bored!
5. No-one in the family is ever chilly. Shawls, blankets, balaclavas, socks, cosy cardigans. You name it, then can knit it.

Strawberry Baby Hat And Booties Knitting Pattern

Strawberry Baby Hat And Booties Knitting Pattern
6. They’re experts in super-cute personalised gift ideas, such as baby bootees, which make everyone go: ‘Ahhhhhhh!’

Baby duck and boots knitting patterns

Baby Booties And Duck Knitting Patterns
7. A knitter’s home is always weirdly insulated (although we can’t imagine why wall-to-wall yarn hasn’t caught on as a style statement).

Wall of yarn

©Wikimedia Commons

8. If you’re good to them, tailored handknits in statement colours may very well be in your future. Looking sharp!

Men's red knitted jumper

Men's Ridged Jumper Knitting Pattern
9. Their antics definitely keep the cat busy. Sweet dreams, puss.

Knitting cat

10. No-one they know ever has to go shopping for a Christmas jumper.

Polar bear Christmas jumper

Kids' Polar Bear Hat And Jumper Knitting Patterns

11. If you’ve got an itch, they’ve always got a whole stash of needles to scratch it with.

Knitting needles

12. They are excellent multi-taskers.

13. Play your cards right and they’ll even teach you how to do it yourself.

Cary Grant learns to knit

14. If you need a cute lucky toy charm for the dashboard of your car, they have quite a selection for you to pick from.

Amigurumi Animal Toy Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Animal Toy Crochet Pattern
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